General Incorporated Foundation CHIKYUJIN Foreign Student Service Organization


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  • TOUCH KEANG BUNRONG(19Years old)
  • I came to Japan when I was 18 years old. We don’t have any electric trains in Cambodia so I was impressed with various wonderful things like skyscrapers and trains in Japan.
  • DELGADO AMOS VICTOR(27Years old)
  • I have always been interested in Japan. Amazed by its culture, language, people, art and technological prowess. It has been amazing so far to finally experience life in Japan.
  • MAHARJAN JITRAM(29Years old)
  • JITRAM entered to Japan in July 2015 through this program (CHIKYUJIN Study Abroad In Japan Program). While he goes to language school, he had gone on job hunting in Japan.
  • THANDAR AUNG(23Years old)
  • I heard that Japan was peaceful, and all the Japanese were tender, I wanted to study abroad in Japan. I want to become a beautician.